Fragrance Breakdown Made Simple

Fragrance is an intimate experience. Memories, surrounding environments, and personal interests shape each individual's experience. Often, two people interpret the same fragrance in different ways. 

We asked our customers to evaluate how they experience our destination inspired fragrances, and broke the profiles down into five main categories: Floral, Fresh, Spice, Woody and Strength.

East Lane's Fragrance Families 


Floral is a popular fragrance family due to the broad variety. Floral notes can be subtle and soft or sweet and vibrant. 


Fresh notes comprise of citrus and crisp herbal notes. Bright and uplifting scents such as grapefruit, eucalyptus and orange. 


Spice brings warmth and depth to the fragrance. Common notes include cinnamon and vanilla. 


Woody has a warm and rich composition. The fragrance notes are earthy and dry. 


Our Strength category measures how potent and rich the fragrance is. It correlates to how the fragrance will fill a room when lit. 

The resulting fragrance graphs add a new dimension to understanding East Lane's candle profiles. Nantucket and Haleakalā are a great to compare side by side. 

Nantucket is composed of Hydrangea, Lily, Peony and Pear, which at first glance reads as heavy floral. However, those floral notes in particular are subtle and soft creating a light and fresh floral fragrance. Where as, Haleakalā is composed of Hawaiian Ginger, Bamboo and Sandalwood. Hawaiian Ginger has a vibrant floral fragrance creating a beautiful balance of floral, fresh and woody.

Our goal is to make it easier for customers to select fragrances they will enjoy! Whether you are shopping for a specific season, or location in your home, our fragrance graphs help you make the best selection. As always, we encourage any feedback and the sharing of your personal interpretation!